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Bed Bath & Beyond Fail Has Us Feeling Betrayed... But Better About Our Own Folding Skills (PHOTOS)

There's a surprise behind those seemingly endless stacks of towels.

We've spent hours trying to perfect the towel folding method that has been achieved only by Bed Bath & Beyond, and mocks us every time we visit the store. But today, we've been betrayed to a point of complete devastation -- it's all a lie.

That's right people, Bed Bath & Betrayals uses foam forms to create that beautiful, fluffy towel look that has mystified us for years. Neatorama posted this photo of the big box store's floor to ceiling display revealing the filler.

We also found this photo on Reddit from user strums, who felt let down after finding out the truth about the store's displays.

Photo by Reddit user strums

But according to user MeSoScorny, who works for the retailer, these fillers are used to prevent dust and crease marks. But as strums put it perfectly, "It still breaks my heart. All those towels so beautifully and perfectly stacked...they're just lies..."

And while we should have known that this type of perfection was too good to be true, why would the store place these dummies within arms of its customers?

Anyway, if we must look on the bright side, at least this makes us feel better about our folding skills. But if you're still upset and need a pick-me-up, click through our slideshow of Pinterest fails. Huge hat tip to BuzzFeed and Jezebel.

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