Bed Bath & Beyond Employee Quits In Style, Blasts Boss On Price Tag (PHOTO)

This may be the best display of "sticking it to the man" that we have seen in quite some time.

A disgruntled Bed Bath & Beyond employee seemingly lost his wits before quitting his job and decided to let the world know how he really feels. The worker, who apparently was tasked with creating the tags that describe the store's merchandise, tweaked one price tag to include his parting words for his boss.

Redittor mastranios posted the below image alongside the caption, "Saw this at Bed Bath and Beyond."

(WARNING: Explicit Language Below)

Peppered among the true descriptors of the store's Nuwave Pro Infrared Oven -- "digital control panel," "comes with extender ring kit," etc. -- are the employee's true feelings: "MY BOSS IS A PR*CK!," "I'M QUITTING TODAY," among other statements unfit for your average oven tag.

(Hat tip: Consumerist)


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