Trump Products Are Reportedly No Longer Sold At Bed Bath & Beyond (UPDATE)

The company clarified its stance on Saturday.
The company reportedly stopped selling its Trump products.
Mike Blake / Reuters
The company reportedly stopped selling its Trump products.

UPDATE, April 2: Bed Bath & Beyond responded to claims it no longer sells Trump products in a Facebook statement and tweet on Saturday, writing:

“We want to apologize for recent confusion caused by one of our customer service representatives. Our customer service representative inadvertently provided information to a customer that was not accurate. We are not making our merchandising decisions based on anyone’s political beliefs. We have Ivanka Trump products in some stores and carry them where consumer demand and business performance justifies it. Bed Bath & Beyond strives to provide our customers with a wide variety of high quality product choices across our businesses that fit their varying preferences.”

Shannon Coulter of the #GrabYourWallet movement responded to Bed Bath & Beyond’s statement via Twitter on Sunday:


Another one bites the dust.

Bed Bath & Beyond reportedly dumped its Trump products, according to Shannon Coulter, leader of the #GrabYourWallet movement.

On Friday, Coulter tweeted out a screenshot of an email from the retailer saying that it stopped selling Trump products. Coulter forwarded the email, which was sent on March 29 by a #GrabYourWallet participant, to The Huffington Post. The Huffington Post has reached out to the retailer as well.

“I’m not surprised to see major retailers continuing to drop the highly politicized Trump brand,” Coulter told The Huffington Post.“One of the companies on the #GrabYourWallet list recently reached out to me and said that it’s received over 500,000 complaints from boycott participants. We applaud Bed Bath & Beyond on this decision and look forward to returning as customers.”

Coulter told HuffPost that Bed Bath & Beyond’s decision marks the 24th company to drop Trump products since she started the movement. She also updated the Grab Your Wallet spreadsheet with the news:

“On March 12th Ivanka’s diaper bags disappeared from the Bed Bath & Beyond site at the same time they disappeared from the site of its web-only subsidiary, Buy Buy Baby. Buy Buy Baby was subsequently removed from the #GrabYourWallet list on 3/29 but Bed Bath & Beyond remained because two Trump Home lighting products by ELK Lighting were still coming up in web site searches. ELK customer service reps had confirmed to me and other #GrabYourWallet participants that it is still in a licensing relationship w/ the Trump family. On 3/31, a #GrabYourWallet participant forwarded a customer service email exchange in which Bed Bath & Beyond confirmed to her that it’s no longer carrying Trump products. As of 3/31/17 only one of those two ELK lighting items is still coming up in a search of the Bed Bath & Beyond site and it’s listed as ‘out of stock.’”

Below is a screenshot of the remaining ELK lighting item:

Bed Bath Beyond

A search for Ivanka Trump diaper bags, which Coulter said disappeared on March 12, also produced no results:

Carly Ledbetter/The Huffington Post
Bed Bath Beyond

People on Twitter praised Bed Bath & Beyond’s apparent decision:

Others said they were going to purchase products there now:

Since President Trump took office, retailers like Nordstrom, Belk, Neiman Marcus, Sears and KMart have dropped Ivanka Trump lines and other Trump products. Other retailers, like TJ Maxx and Marshalls, simply stopped featuring Ivanka Trump items.

No word yet from President Trump about the Bed Bath & Beyond situation.

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