8 Beauty Essentials For Your Best Sleep Ever


How often do you respond to a friendly “How are you?” with a blunt and semi-angry “tired?" It seems that feeling sleepy has become the new norm, a product of packed schedules, long to-do lists and too much late night coffee. We all know that getting more sleep would solve our problems, so why don’t we make it a priority?

Sometimes it’s just a matter of making the time, which can feel challenging because it requires stepping away from the screens that keep us plugged in. We know that a healthful bedtime routine starts long before getting under the covers, and what better way to calmly wind down than with some beauty products filled with soothing scents and rejuvenating ingredients.

From calming aromatherapy to the best hydrating sleep mask, consider this your guide to getting some replenishing beauty rest.

Unwind and de-stress with a bedtime aromatherapy treatment.
Tata Harper
Tata Harper's beautiful blend of lavender, clary sage, and Melissa oils calm the mind, preparing it for a deep sleep. Place the oil on your palms, cup your hands over your nose and inhale to experience the relaxing concoction.

Tata Harper Aromatic Bedtime Treatment, $60
Take a break from distracting stimuli with a soft sleep mask that's good for your skin.
This skin-saving sleep mask is a dream. It's made with copper oxide polyester to help prevent the development of wrinkles. It's also the perfect way to shut out the sights (and screens) that divert our attention as we try to fall asleep.

illuminage Skin Rejuvenating Eye Mask, $35
Save money on an expensive trip to the spa and use a hydrating at-home facial treatment.
There's nothing more relaxing than washing your face, removing your makeup and applying moisturizing products after a long, stressful day. Let your skin heal itself overnight with this intensely hydrating Greek yogurt facial.

Korres Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial, $45
Fall asleep faster with a soothing pillow spray and aromatherapy treatment for your pulse points.
This Works
Let the smell of lavender and eucalyptus lull you into a restful sleep. The kit comes equipped with a pillow spray and aromatherapy blend to help you get to sleep faster. No more tossing and turning for you.

This Works Can't Sleep? Kit, $18.50
Sooth your eye area after a long day of staring at a screen.
Don't settle for waking up with tired, puffy eyes. Give your eyes a boost of brightness and youth with Kiehl's Midnight Recovery eye treatment.

Midnight Recovery Eye, $36
Show your hair some love with a restorative overnight treatment.
Sacha Juan
Sacha Juan's Over Night Hair Repair treatment proves that you can still get things done as you get your shut eye. Apply before you hit the pillow and wake up to luscious locks by morning.

Sacha Juan Overnight Hair Repair, $66
Run a hot bath to prepare your mind and body for a restful snooze.
Take a bath with Herbivore's all-natural Calm Dead Sea Bath Salts to relax and collect your thoughts before it's time to hit the hay.

Calm Dead Sea Bath Salts, $18
Make hitting the pillow even sweeter with a silk pillowcase.
Silk pillowcases come with major beauty benefits. They prevent the formation of wrinkles and reduce friction that can cause dehydration and irritate acne-prone skin. Silk is also known to keep hair soft and frizz-free.

Spasilk 100% Pure Silk Facial Beauty Pillowcase, $19.99

Interested in learning more about how passing on sleep can take a toll? Check out the video below and see what it can do to your skin:

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