Picks The World's Best Inns (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Are These The World's Best Inns? has announced its annual awards for achievements in innkeeping, and the winners this year are a highly diverse group of lodgings around the world whose operators share a common commitment to making their guests feel at home.

The awards, which are categorized as American, Canadian and International, are given out to establishments that showcase the homey welcome the website's experts look for -- and that have received the greatest quantity of positive traveler reviews. A note like, "Our two young children invariably cheer when we get to the village because they know they are going to be spoiled rotten by these lovely people, who go out of their way to make sure everyone in the family is well looked after" -- one traveler's rave review of Maison Maurice in Biron, France -- go a long way toward assuring recognition.

The one thing that can certainly be said of all the winners is that they make a strong argument in favor of foregoing stays at larger, international hotel chains in favor of smaller local inns where personal connection are part and parcel of the package. From Haiti to Rome to North Carolina, these properties offer travelers a chance to settle into a new landscape without compromising on amenities.

Check out the winners!

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