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Gwen Tan, Writer & Surface Mag Intern, On The One Thing You Must Do Before You Go To Bed

04/07/2014 11:30am ET | Updated December 6, 2017

With all of the mind-blowing beauty tips we feature in our Beauty Street Style series, you'd be hard-pressed to believe us if the proof wasn't in the pictures. But this latest tip we picked up from writer and Surface magazine intern Gwen Tan, is one that we can confirm really works, based on our own experiences.

We noticed Tan, with her impeccable complexion and ruby red lips, while she was standing outside of La Colombe Coffee. Once she start spewing out her skincare secrets, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that she takes care of herself with minimal effort.

Tan not only swears by Clarins sunscreen but a bedtime beauty routine that guarantees you wake up refreshed. "Every night you have to moisturize. You must moisturize," she told us. So, you might want to keep face cream on your bedside table.

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Beauty Street Style: Gwen Tan