Bedtime Memories 80 Years later


Remembering what we did yesterday can be a challenge! Our lives are ruled by schedules and plans. Writing down every commitment we make on our calendars is a necessity if we want to stay on track and on time. Everything is recorded. We can't forget anything or we fear our house of cards will collapse. Keeping up with today and tomorrow is hard enough - never mind remembering last week!

Amidst my own calendar-filled life with people to see and places to go, I received a handwritten note today that reminded me that some of our most precious memories were never even recorded.

The note read,

"Thanks for what you do. I am almost 80 but the warmth I get remembering my mother and myself reading stories in the "big" chair remind me that books have been some of my best friends because of that special time."

Memories of our bedtimes don't go away. They aren't written down anywhere and sometimes it's a stretch to pull them up if we go looking for them. But once in a while a memory is triggered and comes rushing to the forefront, spilling over into our present.

This sweet woman might not have a calendar to look back on. But clearly her memories give her comfort and warm her heart. And they warm ours too.