It Sure Is Hard To Drive When You're COVERED IN BEES

It might BEE time for Montana to amend its driving laws.

When Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Jonathan Scheer first got a call about an erratic driver whose car was filled with bees, his first thought was “Yeah, right,” he told The Huffington Post.

But Scheer quickly learned that the caller wasn’t lying. The car, which Scheer managed to pull over near Missoula, contained five beehives and thousands of bees flying around inside it.

beecar Photo: Montana Highway Patrol/Facebook Montana High Patrol officials posted photos of the May 22 encounter on their official Facebook page on Saturday.

Scheer told HuffPost that it was unclear why the driver felt this method of transport was a good idea.

“He’s into bees, and he said he’s transported them like that before,” Scheer said.

hive Photo: Montana Highway Patrol/Facebook

Scheer added that the man said the insects were Russian honeybees and were “not bred to be violent.” The trooper added that even though the driver claimed there was no danger of the bees stinging him, the driver was stung moments later.

Scheer cited the driver with careless driving, but since transporting bees that way isn’t technically illegal, he had no choice but to allow the man to continue on his way. Scheer did note that according to Montana law, the man’s car would be subject to inspection if he were to unload the bees within state limits.



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