Super Bee Manages To Pull A Nail Out Of A Brick Wall

See the video that has the Internet buzzing.

Nailed it!

A hard-working bee pulled off an un-bee-lievable feat, somehow grabbing a loose nail in a brick wall and pulling it right out.

First, the bee gets it out just a little:

Then with each try manages to pull it out just a little more:

Until finally:

It's the bee version of a mic drop.

The Daily Mail reports that the bee is a mason bee, which nests in holes such as the one in the video.

"Mason bees like this usually choose existing holes rather than excavating their own," Lynn Dicks, a research fellow from Cambridge University's Department of Zoology, told the website. "I have never seen anything like this and suspect that the nail was placed in a nest hole this bee had already started using. This would explain its urgency to remove the nail -- it may have laid eggs or have larvae inside."

The clip was originally posted on YouTube in 2012, but has been getting more buzz after being reposted by LiveLeak and others over the past week.

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