Beef Industry Experts Discuss Meat Safety On HuffPost Live (VIDEO)

Last week, a massive beef investigation by the Kansas City Star gave us some insight into the major food safety issues facing Big Beef. Following the investigation, reporter Mike McGraw appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss his major findings, which included the ubiquity of the controversial technique of meat tenderization, a process that uses automated blades and pounders to tenderize tough beef. The process drives E. coli away from the surface, where it's most likely to be killed by cooking, and toward the center of a cut of meat.

While it isn't too hard to list issues with factory beef, Steve Kay, the editor and publisher of Cattle Buyers Weekly, makes it clear that it is in the beef industry's interest to produce a safe product. "I know people who go to work everyday and the top of their list is putting out a safe product... They don't want anyone to get sick from their product," he says.

Watch the clip above to learn more about the investigation. You can see the full segment here, which also features host Mike Sacks, Barbara Kowalcyk, the co-founder of Center For Foodborne Illness; Dr. Doug Powell, the Professor of Food Safety at Kansas State University and the publisher of; and HuffPost Food writer Joe Satran.



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