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Beef Jerky Bandit Strikes Mike's Jerky in Albuquerque (VIDEO)

He loves dried strips of meat. He has goofy taste in disguises. And he drives a convertible.

That's some of what police know about a wig-wearing man dubbed the Beef Jerky Bandit after he smashed his way into Mike's Jerky in Albuquerque and made off with the goods, KRQE reported.

Tina Tanuz wrote on the store's Facebook page: "I really hope someone recognises (sic) that jerk who robbed your store! I saw it on the news tonight."

Surveillance video shows the suspect pulling up in a convertible on Aug. 20 at around 2 a.m. He smashes his way inside with a brick and grabs the jerky. Among the store's 20 or so flavors, owner Michael Grier told the station the thief seemed to focus a lot on his new original bacon flavor.

Just what that means is anyone's guess. Perhaps the burglar is going to deconstruct the product and sell the recipe? Or he's looking to combine the bacon with his collection of lettuce and tomato jerky for a really dry BLT? Or he just luv luv luvs Mike's Jerky and happened to grab more bacon amid the other varieties he was snatching.

“I don't put anything past anybody when it comes to thievery,” Grier said.

At least the bandit reached for "junk food that's good for you" according to Men's Health. Jerky, the magazine wrote, "is high in protein and doesn't raise your level of insulin — a hormone that signals your body to store fat."

The company said on its website, "Mike's Jerky Just wanted to thank you all for your support and kind words and well wishes during our time of need!!"

The loss of a few hundred bucks of merchandise, however, could work in Mike's Jerky favor. The store seems to be collecting its fair share of publicity. It's been tracking the interviews it has done since the burglary. One Mike's Jerky message on Facebook exclaims, "Our story about the break in made National News This Morning on CBS!!"

"It's drawn some customers to our website," Grier told The Huffington Post on Monday. "It wasn't what I was anticipating by any means, but we'll take it."

Apparently a now-famous jerky joint needs extra security. The store already put up bars to prevent future break-ins, Grier said.

But the Beef Jerky Bandit is still on the loose -- and perhaps in desperate need of dental floss.

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