Beehive In House Falls Through Roof, Giving Us Something New To Worry About (PHOTOS)

One man gets the scare of his life when he finds bees in an unusual place.

There are few household problems that really make us jump out of our seats. But today, we came across a beehive in a house that could only be described as: WTF.

Reddit user underdog106 had been noticing the buzzing insects throughout his South Carolina apartment for weeks. When he decided to finally check out his attic, he found a full colony of about 30,000 bees. As if that's not enough horror for one day, the hive eventually fell through the ceiling into the bathroom just hours before the beekeeper arrived.

This isn't the first time we've heard of a bee invasion in a home. There were two extreme incidents in Utah where thousands of bees were found in a bedroom wall and cabin. :Shudder:

In this case, the user said he had a "huge adrenaline rush" when he first saw the bees. So, be warned: You might feel the same thing when you click through these photos. Be sure to head over to Reddit for the full story.

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60,000 Bees