Beer and Barbecue in Orange County: The Bruery's Second Anniversary

Beer, BBQ, and my favorite ladies of beer (Nathalie Balandran-Caldwell and Christina Perozzi) were there at The Bruery's second anniversary celebration. I can't believe it's only been two years, they've accomplished so much. Good times and oh my god those waffles! Wish you could've been there.

The crazy long line 30 minutes before the doors open. Patrick, the owner and head brewer, rocking a handsome beard. The first sip of Coton, their Anniversary ale. The Original Beer Chick and Me. Coton: rich, mellow, with Bourbon-ish touches. My favorite beer, Humulus Lager, packed with earthy, citrusy hops but with an impossibly crisp body. Yayo, my friend and DP who shot the fun video above. Beachwood BBQ's Home Made Sauce, using Bruery ales. Flying pickles escape!
Waffle time!
Me with my bounty.