How To Make A Popcorn Maker Out Of A Beer Can (VIDEO)

The Crazy Russian Hacker is back.

Okay, listen. No one needs to do this. If you have a pot with a lid, popcorn and oil, you have a popcorn maker. BUT, if you're the kind of person who maybe likes to bet their friends that they can turn an empty beer can into a popcorn maker? This is the DIY video for you.

This ridiculous trick is again brought to us by the Crazy Russian Hacker, the zombie apocalypse survivalist who brought us the tools to open a can without a can opener, and dropped a little sandwich geometry realness on us. Since this newest trick involves cutting into a beer can with a knife, we'd like to please ask that you not attempt this after consuming too many beers.

As for the giggle-factor in this video, if you liked the way the Crazy Russian Hacker talked about sandwich meat and can-opening, you'll definitely love how excited he gets when his creation actually works.

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