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These Beer Cocktails Are The Ultimate Summer Drinks

Why choose one when you can have both?

beer cocktails
Photo credit: Kitchen Konfidence, The Beeroness, Macheesmo, Camille Styles, Perpetually Hungry, Food52

If you've been drinking your beer straight from the bottle year after year, it's time you try something new. We understand the satisfaction that comes with a thirsty swig of an ice-cold beer, but we've also discovered just how great beer is for mixing in drinks. Beer cocktails are even more refreshing than a regular beer.

When you can't make up your mind between beer or sangria, try beer sangria. If a bloody mary is what you need but a beer is what you crave, the beer bloody mary is what you should make. Plus, these drinks will please cocktail lovers as well as die-hard beer drinkers at your next shindig. Win win.

The 'Hop, Skip And Go Naked' Beer Cocktail
Kitchen Konfidence
Watermelon Beer
Perpetually Hungry
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Get the Michelada recipe from Macheesmo
Blackberry Lemon Shandies
Camille Styles
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Braulio Shandy
James Ransom/Food52
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Beer Bloody Mary
The Beeroness
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Ginger Orange Beer Cocktail
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Beer Ice Cream Float
Food Blogga
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Bloody Hell Beer Cocktail
The Beeroness
Strawberry Beer Lemonade
The Beeroness
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Simply Recipes
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Broadway Beer Cocktail
A Beautiful Mess
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Beer Sangria
The Beeroness
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Golden Ale Beer Cocktail
The Beeroness
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Campari Shandy
Molly Wizenberg/Food52
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Rub & Rye: Rye Whiskey and Belgian Beer Cocktail With a Beef-Jerky Garnish
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