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Beer-drinking Bears Trash Norwegian Cabin, Chug 100 Beers

It's sort of "Goldilocks and The Three Bears" in reverse: A mother bear and three cubs are accused of breaking into a Norwegian cabin, but instead of eating all the porridge, they drank all 100 cans of beer that were stocked there for safekeeping.

Based on the evidence, they didn't think the brew was too hot, too cold but juust right.

The bear beer brouhaha took place in a cabin near the town of Jarfjord when the furry quartet reportedly forced their way into the cabin by ripping off a wall.

"The entire cabin was destroyed," Even Borthen Nilsen said, as reported by the Norwegian-based website the Local "They had a hell of a party in there."

Besides drinking up the suds, the booze-craving bears ate every scrap of food they could find, including marshmallows, chocolate, and honey, Newser said. The furniture was destroyed.

Nilsen fears the bears might pay a return visit to this cabin of Earthly delights.

"The mother has taken her young there, thus there is no guarantee that it won't happen to other cabins or to our hut again," he said, according to

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