How Much Beer The World Drinks, In 1 Interactive Globe

Spend a weekend in nearly any college town in the U.S. and you'll be convinced that no one drinks more than Americans.

But it turns out the U.S. doesn't even come close to being the king of beer consumption compared to the rest of the world. Not even the master-brewer Belgians nor the Oktoberfest-loving Germans claim the top spot. That honor goes to the Czechs, who guzzle some 149 liters of beer, or about 315 pints, per person every year.

This interactive globe, made by Retale, an e-commerce company, ranks the top 50 countries by per capita beer consumption. To create the data, it relied on 2012 survey data collected by Kirin Holdings, a Japanese beer company.

Explore the rankings below. You can drag to any country on the globe or scroll through the rankings list. One liter is equal to 2.1 pints.