How To Choose The Perfect Beer Glass For Every Occasion (PHOTOS)

Find the right glassware for your brew.

Not all beers are created equal. Just take a look at the range of the quality in bottom shelf beers alone and it becomes very obvious. Then there are award-winning craft beers that stand far above all the rest. Clearly, there's a big range when it comes to beer.

Naturally, that means that not all beers should be treated the same. But, we do treat them the same. We pay no attention to centuries of brewing traditions and expert yeast fermentation and absent-mindedly put all kinds of beers in a regular glass (or drink it straight from the bottle). This needs to stop. Just look at the infographic above from Visually (or click here) and you can see that beer glasses are specially crafted glassware. We're not doing our beers any justice by not taking advantage of these gorgeous glasses -- actually, we're missing out on complex aromas and the right kind of beer head. Treat your beer right, and get it a glass.

There's a beer glass out there just right for your beer, and we're going to help you find it.

The weizen glass is best used to serve wheat beer. It's a German glass that's narrow at the bottom and wider at top.
As the name would suggest, the Pilsner glass is great for serving Pilsners -- as well as pale lagers. Its tapered edge is meant to capture the carbonation and maintain a beer head.
This tall, narrow glass is best used to serve Kölsch, a specialty German beer brewed in Cologne.
The majestic goblet glasses are best used for enjoying Belgian ales, German bocks, and other big sipping beers.
The snifter is typically used to serve brandy or cognac, but it's also ideal for capturing the flavors of aromatic beers such as Imperial IPAs and Belgian ales.
A tulip glass is designed to trap flavors of Scottish ales, American double/imperial IPAs, and Belgian ales. It's designed to allow for maximum head retention.
When it doubt, go with the pint.The pint glass is what you can expect to be served a beer in at a bar. Pretty much every kind of beer has ended up in one of these glasses.

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