'Beer Goggles' A Myth, Researchers Say

'Beer Goggles' A Myth, Researchers Say

You're going to have to come up with a better excuse for sleeping with that person whom you wish you'd never met.

It seems that the old "beer goggles" excuse just won't work.

A new study by the U.K.'s Durham University questions the long-held belief that alcohol consumption makes a person drop their standards as to whom they'd drop their drawers for.

Study author psychologist Dr. Amanda Ellison said that alcohol doesn't make people look more attractive, it just increases their level of lust.

"There is no imagined physical transformation, just more desire," Allison said, according to MSNnow.com. "Alcohol switches off the rational and decision-making areas of the brain while leaving the areas to do with sexual desire relatively intact."

Ellison said it is a fluke of nature that the lust section of the brain –- the oldest part -– still functions after consumption of alcohol, the Metro reported.

Although Ellison's suds study suggests booze won't make people look more attractive to you, other studies suggest it can make you more attractive to yourself.

French researchers released a paper last year suggesting that that the more alcohol you think you've had in a day will increase your self-confidence in your appearance, even if you haven't had any.

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