'Beer Goggles' Warns Of Dangers Of Adjusted Perception (VIDEO)

Let's face the facts. Today is both Cinco de Mayo and The Kentucky Derby. Either one of those things gives young people license to drink to their heart's content in celebration of culture, but with them both falling on the same day this year, there may be more than typical amounts of imbibing.

Along with that inevitably comes the phenomenon known as "beer goggles" -- you know, when your perception gets altered and members of the opposite sex suddenly seem a lot more attractive? New York based comedian and actresses Lauren Cook and Anna Breslaw lay it out in this short that they co-wrote and star in, along with Scott Eckert and Kurt Braunohler, who can soon be seen as the host of the game show "Bunk" on IFC.

Like the heroines of this short, you too will likely end up at a bar tonight, or at least in a friend's living room watching horses while sipping on margaritas. But while you're doing so, don't be surprised if that mega hot guy or girl across the room has a look that needs to be adjusted for inflation.