19 Times Beer Was Your Friend (And One Time It Wasn't)

Cheers, dude.

Beer always has your back. It treats you the way you want to be treated. Beer is thicker than blood.

Until it isn't.

1. Beer is cheap.

2. It's there for you, rain or shine. 

3. It knows where to find you.

4. It provides shelter.

That's right! A German man has listed historic beer barrels on Airbnb. For only $118 a night, you too can have a barrel of fun!


5. It cuddles you to sleep.


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6. Can you say "best gym buddy"?


Forget weights! With a full size keg weighing in at around 150 pounds, BYOB to the gym is definitely a thing. 


 7. It cleans you.


8. It listens to you. 

9. It travels with you.

10. It texts for you.

11. It knows the BEST hiding spots. 

12. Beer has a great taste in games.

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13. Oh, and it's totally a team player!

14. It brings men together.

15. It's there for game time.

16. ... And pool time.

17. Introducing, beer boats. 

 18. It gives you a hand (or two) to hold.

19. It's there for the headache it caused you.

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Never abuse beer. It will abuse you right back.

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