Beerjobber Election Special Pits Pro-Romney, Pro-Obama Beers Against Each Other

Beerjobber, a website that ships local craft beer to customers around the country, just launched a special promotion where they're pitting two different election-themed beers against one another, one pro-Obama and one pro-Romney, in an effort the gauge beer-drinkers attitudes toward the election. (And also sell beer.)

There are two forms of elections on the company blog. One is a poll, which asks visitor to declare who they would vote for: Obama, Romney or Undecided. By this measure, the president is trouncing his competitor handily, with 56.9 percent of the vote to Romney's 37.9. As such, it jibes well with earlier food-based polls, like the 7-Eleven Coffee Cup Poll and Smashburger's burger poll.

But the other election method on the Beerjobber, which actually involves buying beer, paints a very different picture. Customers can signal their preference for different candidates (and styles of beer) by buying a bottle of either pro-Romney Nobama Beer from Huebert Brewery in Oklahoma and the pro-Obama Entitlement Porter from Long Island-based Blue Point Brewing, which is based on the White House's homebrew recipe, for $9.95 a bottle. (Beerjobber founder Sean Nevins told The Huffington Post that the fact that his site is the only company distributing both beers throughout the country is what inspired the promotion.) Customers can also buy a bottle of each -- the undecided package -- for $19.95.

Nevins said that the "few dozen bottles" of each beer he secured will soon be sold out.

"The quantities that we have left have been dwindling rapidly. I wish we had more, but we weren't anticipating such a big response," he explained.

Overall sales of the three selections have been almost neck and neck, each pulling about a third of the vote. So Romney's support in this measure is relatively stronger than Obama's, compared to the poll. Could it be that Romney supporters have more disposable income than Obama supporters to spend on craft beer? Or just that people want to taste both options before they decide their favorite? We'll leave that one up to you.



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