Tens Of Thousands Of Bees Found In Bedroom Wall By Surprised Utah Man Tyler Judd

When buying a new house, a few surprises are expected. But this couple was shocked to discover their home was already occupied -- by tens of thousands of bees merrily buzzing around in the master bedroom walls.

Five months ago, when Tyler Judd and his wife moved into their house in Provo, Utah, they noticed some bees outside, but didn't think anything of it, according to local news outlet KSL.com. Last weekend, however, the couple thought they could hear the bees inside the house.

"We were just sitting on our couch, turned off the TV and could hear some buzzing in the walls," the husband told KSL.

He then decided to called in an expert, Al Chubak of Utah Bee Removal, who arrived at the home and discovered the extent of the massive hive, reports Salt Lake City's Fox 13.

Chubak told Fox 13 that the bees had been comfortably living in the house for several years.

“It’s almost like a bee playground,” Chubak said. “It’s Disneyland for a bee. There are so many places they can go in.”

Speaking to KSL, Tyler Judd said of the colony: "They're actually taking the insulation out and they're putting their honeycomb and their hive in its place."

Using a Shop-Vac, Chubak spent Saturday removing the bees and their honeycomb and storing them in boxes for relocation. The beekeeper told ABCNews.com that between 60,000 and 80,000 bees had bee living in the house.

Bee populations are actually declining around the world, and scientists are working desperately to find a reason why. The New York Times notes that researchers are beginning to point fingers in the direction of neonicotinoids, a new class of pesticides that may be contributing to the devastating so-called "colony collapse disorder."



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