This Building Won't Stop Screaming, And It's Driving People Nuts

Eerie howl is caused by a glass "blade" at the top of the skyscraper.

It's been described as a howl, a hum and a scream. But whatever you call the weird sound emanating from a British skyscraper, it's annoying the heck out of the people who live near it.

A new video posted on YouTube shows the eerie -- and incredibly loud -- noises made by Beetham Tower in Manchester every time the wind picks up.

The video was taken on Sunday, when the city faced gale-force winds. Area residents tweeted about the sci-fi sounds coming from the 47-story building:

Architect Ian Simpson has apologized for the building's unintentional sound effects, telling the Manchester Evening News that they're caused by winds rushing over the glass "blade" at the top.

The blade is decorative, Simpson said.

"I am completely aware of the noise because I live at the top of the building," Simpson told the paper in 2012. "I would like to apologize for that and we are looking to address it so that next year we don’t have the same problem."

As the new video shows, the building is as noisy as ever.

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