'BeetleCopter' Soars Over Serengeti And Delivers Amazing Views (VIDEO)

It took wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas a full five months to build and learn to fly his incredible "BeetleCopter," but the work was well worth it.

As evidenced by the fate of his previous creation, the ground-based "BeetleCam" that was dissected by a curious pride of lions, wildlife photography is not without risks. So Burrard-Lucas designed the remote-controlled "Beetles" to carry professional-grade cameras into hard-to-reach or dangerous-to-navigate locations.

Better the emergency be mechanical than medical.

"These things are much smaller and quieter than a full-blown helicopter so you can get really close to the wildlife without spooking them ... I have really only scratched the surface," Burrard-Lucas told The Telegraph.

Thanks to the "BeetleCopter," we now have new, stunning views of the Serengeti, an incredible ecosystem of "endless plains" shared between Tanzania and Kenya.

The video's subjects change from shot to shot -- in one, a hyena determinedly drags a carcass through the grass, and in another, wildebeests kick up dust in their run away from the setting sun. All serve as a testament to the natural beauty of the Serengeti.



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