Before-And-After Photo Series Shows How Far These Preemies Have Come

"It's a big message of hope to parents going through this tough time."

An inspiring photo series shows how far dozens of preemies have come since their days in the NICU.

Canadian photographer Red Méthot took pictures of children holding old photos of themselves as premature babies in the hospital. He calls the series "Les Prémas" ("The Preemies").

Red Méthot

"It's a big message of hope to parents going through this tough time," Méthot told The Huffington Post. "I wanted the pictures to say: Hey, look, they've also been there and look how awesome they are now."

For the photographer, this series was personal, as his two children were born prematurely. "Before that, I knew pretty much nothing about prematurity," he said. "So I decided that this photo project would help make people know more about this topic."

Méthot began the series by photographing his own kids and then reaching out to families whose babies were in the NICU around the same time. He also posted a callout on his Facebook page and received tons of responses.

When it came to setting up each shot, he approached the series with his memories of that difficult time in mind. "I decided to make pictures that I would have wanted to see when my first-born child was at the hospital for many long weeks."

Keep scrolling and visit Méthot's Facebook page and website for a look at "Les Prémas."

Red Méthot
Projet Documentation, Collège Marsan
Red Méthot
Red Méthot
Projet Documentation, Collège Marsan
Red Méthot
Red Méthot

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