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Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake And 83 Other Celebs Before They Were Stylish (PHOTOS)

While putting together one of our countless Style Evolutions, we came to a sudden realization: There are rarely any awkward celebrity style mistakes anymore. What happened? Well, stylists entered the picture. We've marked the mid-aughts as the beginning of the "new normal," where no celebrity would go within a 50-mile-radius of a red carpet without first consulting a stylist. The result: Everyone started dressing a little safer (and pretty much alike). You can usually pinpoint the year a certain star surrendered their own judgement to people like Rachel Zoe or whoever. But long before these professionals and their cavalcade of steamer-wielding assistants showed up, celebrities pretty much dressed themselves (imagine that). And even more incredible, they seemed pretty confident in their own taste -- or lack thereof, depending how you look at it.

While everyone we know looked pretty nerdtastic say 10, 15, 20 years ago, fortunately Getty wasn't around to document it. There were paparazzi cameras around, however, when Sofia Coppola was twelve, and when Jennifer Lopez wore head-to-toe velour tracksuits. Don't believe us? Then check out this slideshow of celebrities before they were stylish...we mean, before they hired stylists.

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Um, This Is Awkward...