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Begin Your Next Entrepreneurial Project with a Getaway

Working and living in Bali may seem like the perfect situation--one that is too good to be true. If you've never dreamed about it, dream bigger. If you think it's not possible, think again.
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Working and living in Bali may seem like the perfect situation--one that is too good to be true. If you've never dreamed about it, dream bigger. If you think it's not possible, think again.

Project Getaway is a 30-day experience where twenty entrepreneurs gather to work and live together. While the focus for the participants is to build and expand their businesses, the white beaches, adventurous water sports, top-notch networking events, and cultural experiences can't be overlooked. In short, Project Getaway is an entrepreneur's dream come true.


There is a huge movement among freelancers, small business owners and entrepreneurs to become location-independent. Another term used to describe this lifestyle is 'digital nomad'. A digitally nomadic life is characterized by destination-hopping: one may spend a few months in Thailand working remotely, then hop over to the Philippines for a month or so, and eventually end up in South America, working for the remainder of the year. The benefits are obvious: Location-independent business owners are able to experience freedom in their schedules, travel to exotic locations, and see the world in ways that just aren't possible if they were working in a gloomy, gray office five days a week.

While working from paradise has numerous perks, one drawback is that digital nomads often experience loneliness from a life on the road, often living far away from friends and family. Project Getaway solves this issue by offering an environment where nomadic entrepreneurs come together and belong to a community of like-minded people who share the same dreams and challenges. It also offers a chance to non-location independent professionals to try out this lifestyle for a month. Project Getaway knows that happiness is the new productivity among millennials, and the daily schedule reflects this core value.

What does a typical day at Project Getaway look like? All meals are provided, as well as a juice and snacks throughout the day, which are served by the staff or can be ordered via a dedicated "PG Mobile Luxury App". Participants usually wake up between 8-10 a.m. and leisurely start their days. Following breakfast, they set goals for the day--then it's time to get to work. Desire to work by the pool? Beachside? With a group of other participants who can help brainstorm next moves in business? Project Getaway offers all of these options, plus meetings with angel investors, coaching sessions, and workshops to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. After a day of work, it's time for some adventure and fun--perhaps surfing or volcano trekking--or time to relax and unwind. Evenings are filled with delicious dinners and impromptu parties and networking events.


Ike Stranathan, founder of Staff Virtual, was a participant in Project Getaway in 2013 and is involved in this year's event as a sponsor. He says, "I am a big believer that innovation comes from the collision of ideas that can only come from being surrounded by talented and successful people. For me the main added value was making many, many friends for life. I think Project Getaway's secret sauce is that the experience is 30 days. You literally LIVE with other people, and do fun things together non-stop for 30 days - this naturally causes long-lasting bonds that endure. You do crazy stuff together, help each other, have ideas together, travel together, et cetera. You can't help but make some incredible friends. To me, traveling the world and meeting new people are the best parts of life, and that's what Project Getaway is all about."