Behavioral Boomerangs: The Power to Get Back What You Want

If you've ever thrown a boomerang or are familiar with its concept, you know that the goal is to get it to return to you. With conscious effort and practice, you can eventually get good at getting back what you want--in this case, the boomerang.

Let's consider our behavioral boomerangs. Do we get back what we want? We may refer to behavioral boomerangs as karma -- or "what goes around comes around," but what I want to discuss is the power of behavioral boomerangs to get what we want in business and in life and how to avoid getting what we don't want.

Behavioral boomerangs are the power to get what you want and the reason you're getting what you don't want.

Do you "walk your talk"? Let's say, for example, that you want to create a high-end business that is respected and revered for its superior quality, a business that will attract repeat customers, garner long-lasting respect, and prosper. Then, you need to commit to being a frequent patron of like-minded businesses. Immerse yourself in environments and invest in those businesses that you see as a reflection of your own business and consumer philosophy. It helps you understand the experience of the people you serve when you are the customer in similarly quality businesses.

Want people to value your product and not flinch when it comes to the price you've set? Then, you too must be willing to pay full-price for a product you love or a service you desire and need. It's more than you get what you pay for; it's you become what you are willing to invest in- emotionally and financially. If you do not respect the value that others set and are not willing to pay full price, then you cannot expect to be valued for your worth and paid full price in return.

Here's a whopper of a behavioral boomerang that will certainly return to knock you in head: negative opinions and judgments of what you want to become. Ever catch yourself thinking something negative about successful people? Or people with money? Do other people's perfect lives on social media get under your skin? Even just a little? Negativity about and judgment and jealousy of others who really have what you want or want to become will undercut you every single time. And those are boomerangs you don't want returned!

Sounds simple, right? It actually is, but it requires self-awareness-- paying very close attention to how you treat people and businesses around you on an everyday basis.

Picture a boomerang. It's angled, so there are two end points and a middle. A triad. Behavioral boomerangs are three-fold as well: invest in others as you want them to invest in you; abide by the same ethics in doing business with others that you'd like others to show you; and respect other businesses as you want to be respected in return. When you project, incorporate, and enact practices that allow you to invest in your own transformation and become the best version of you, you welcome behavior from the outside that will also ensure your success. Value honesty? Be honest. Want the finer things in life? Be ready and willing to pay for them as well. Make a conscious decision to throw the boomerang out strongly with dignity, conviction, and vision, all within your personal power, and you'll look forward to the rewards as you catch it when it's returned.

Being aware of your behavioral boomerangs might just be the most important component in life as well as a missing piece of your business plan-- to being successful and to controlling the results you want.

What steps will you start taking now to harness the power of the behavioral boomerang?