'Behind Closed Drawers' Raising Awareness About Anal Cancer

There's a new way that you can help raise awareness surrounding anal cancer -- and show off your favorite pair of undies in the process.

The National LGBT Cancer Network and Tusk and Dagger recently launched "Behind Closed Drawers," a campaign that aims to create a directory of free and low cost LGBT-friendly anal cancer screening facilities throughout the nation.

As a component of this campaign, these organizers are encouraging readers to donate either here or by texting “UNDIES” to 41444. In addition, "Behind Closed Drawers" invites readers to spread the word about this initative by posting a photo of their underwear on social media with the hashtag #BehindClosedDrawers.

"A growing number of physicians and health activists recommend that all men who have sex with men, especially those who are HIV+, be tested every 1-3 years depending on their immunological well-being and CD4 count," organizers said in a statement. "They suggest that HIV negative individuals be tested every 3 years. This work is important, because most people know little about anal cancer, have never been tested for it, and don’t know that screening tests exist."

Interested in helping out "Behind Closed Drawers"? Head here and then spread the word with a photo of your underwear and the hashtag #BehindClosedDrawers.