Behind the Scenes at Disaster Planning & Response Art Rescue

Still in the throes of Chicago Artist Month and its theme of "artful networks," organizations that support artists, I paid a visit to the three locations of Disaster Planning and Response Art Rescue for Fear No ART.

DPR Art Rescue handles art emergencies. With a storage and transportation arm, a painting and mural conservation arm and a furniture conservation arm, they can evacuate and care for artwork in the event of a fire, flood or any natural emergency. To be certain, you don't need to have experienced a serious disaster to want your valued pieces of artwork (or just your quirky, favorite family heirloom) repaired or brought back to life. DPR art rescue also cleans, maintains, and ships private and public collections, as well as individual pieces, to keep them in pristine condition on a regular basis.

In the video below, you will see the incredible talent, patience and knowledge that is required to clean, repair and in some cases completely put back together classic pieces of furniture, Old Masters paintings and modern works. In addition to caring for artwork of all shapes and sizes, DPR Art Rescue will also put together a plan for any collection to keep it safe and in its intended state of beauty. Now that's an organization that supports artists!

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