Behold The Magic Hips Of The Hula Hoop Queen

Marawa the Amazing spun her way into the Guinness book with 160 hula hoops orbiting her body.

It was an easy day for Marawa the Amazing. We just asked her to simultaniously spin 47 hula hoops around her amazing hips. 

On a good day, that's nothing. And she often performs, as she did for us this week, in 4-inch heels.

Marawa Ibrahim is in New York City to promote the launch of the Guinness World Records 2016 edition, and she joined us at HuffPost to talk about entering one of the most famed books in publishing history by spinning a record-setting 160. 

The 33-year-old Australian is a multiple record holder who lives up to her "Amazing" moniker. She's performed all over the world (even North Korea), portraying the legendary Josephine Baker in New York City, and earning a third place finish in Arabs Got Talent.

Check out our review of the new Guinness Book and listen to our Weird News Podcast with the hip-shaking sensation, who also holds the Guinness record for longest ride on high-heeled roller skates while simultaniously spinning eight hula hoops. 

This is Marawa's second consecutive year in which she's earned a spot on the Guinness book. She holds five records in all. Not bad for a kid who saw Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Starlight Express" as an 8-year-old girl and dreamed of stardom.

Like we said, she deserves to call herself "Amazing".

Marawa The Amazing