Bei Bei Climbs Too High, But Mom Comes To The Rescue

What goes up, must come down.

Bei Bei the panda has quickly become the nation's most adorable obsession.

So far, we've seen him sleepily greet the presswave to his adoring fans and venture outside for the very first time. Now, he's honing his climbing skills by taking to the trees.

The only problem? He hasn't quite mastered the "must come down" part of the equation.

Luckily, Bei Bei's mom, Mei Xiang, was waiting in the wings to offer some assistance. Bei Bei resists her help at first, squirming like only a toddler can. But soon enough, his mom manages to coerce him down from the tree and bring him safely to the ground.

The panda cub is only 5 months old, but he's already an adventurous little ball of fluff -- and his mom is with him every step of the way.

🐼Look who's stepping outside! #BeiBei ventured outside for the first time today with Mei Xiang. 🐼 #WeSaveSpecies

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Watch the full video below:

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