Beijing Toilets Now Have A Two-Fly Limit (VIDEO)

FLIES FLUSHED: Only Two Flies Allowed In Each Beijing Toilet

Beijing, China, is truly a repressive place -- for flies anyway.

In an effort to improve the city's public toilets, Beijing bigwigs have decreed that only two flies per commode are permitted, and there can be no more than two discarded objects left uncollected for any period longer than half an hour in public toilet areas, according to CBC.

The new standards also detail how smelly the toilets should be as well as how often they should be cleaned and what kind of training attendants should receive, Radio New Zealand reported.

The new standards were issued Monday by the Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment, according to CBC, which said the excrement edict would focus on public toilets in parks, tourist areas, subway and train stations, hospitals, shopping centers and supermarkets.

Sanitation official Xie Guomin told the Beijing Evening News that the new targets are not compulsory, which means the flies could be safe despite the ruling

Although some people are skeptical that the new rules are just a bunch of crap, Beijing-based BBC journalist Michael Bristow thinks any improvement will help.

"Beijing public toilets are not known for their welcoming appeal," Bristow said. "People often smell them before they see them. I only venture in at the most desperate of times."

"The best (or worst) that can be said about Beijing public loos is that there are a lot of them about," he said.

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