Cute Kid Note Of The Day: Why Being A Girl Is Wonderful [PHOTO]

Title: A Few Wonderful Things About Being A Girl

Author: One very wise 8-year-old

Why We Love It: Her DAD posted her "unexpected response" to the "assignment" on Reddit

The Best Part: She starts her answer with "veginas" and ends with "power." So that's a tough call.

What About Boys? Dad says he has a son too, and "[He] is still too young to do these writing assignments, but we do our best to make sure that he has an equally sound sense of self-worth. There are definitely some differences in the social baggage that our two children face, and we do try to be thoughtful of that. But for both basically we are just hopeful that we can mitigate a little of the unhealthy social patterns that they will face out in this world with some encouragements at home."


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