Being Almost Psychopathic May Explain Shootings and Trump

Being Almost Psychopathic May Explain Shootings and Trump
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Many refer to politicians or people with sudden violent behavior as psychopaths, but are they true psychos or could they be "almost psychopaths"? James Silver, JD and Ron Schouten, MD, JD researched the almost psychopathic behavior for their book Almost a Psychopath. In light of the impending election pitting Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton, along with recent shooting events around the world, people are questioning what triggers psychopathic behavior.

Could Trump be an Almost Psychopath

Donald Trump at his last Miss Universe pageant
Donald Trump at his last Miss Universe pageant
Photo by Carol Ruth Weber

I was fortunate to have a personal interview with James Silver, JD regarding the phenomenon of someone being almost a psychopath.

Politicians and Wall Street executives are often referred to psychopaths. Almost psychopaths function and mingle within the community, and our offices and homes performing as if perfectly normal often fooling the outside world while tormenting those closest to them. Mr. Silver explains that almost psychopaths are so good at what they do that their victims are often manipulated to question themselves, believing that they are the ones with the problems.

“An almost psychopath will show the same behaviors as a true psychopath but without the consistent passion.”

Mr. Silver has published articles for The Atlantic addressing politicians and people who work on Wall Street. According to James Silver, "Two of the hallmarks of psychopathy are a calculating mind and a seemingly easy charm." Donald Trump could certainly be seen to fit within these guidelines. Actors, politicians, and the wizards on Wall Street seem to all perfectly fit into this mold in order to gain money, power, and fame.

Almost Psychopath Behavior Explained

Silver explains that the mass shootings may not have been the act of psychopaths but instead, by just desperate and ill human beings. In fact, during the research for their book, Mr. Silver explained that the FBI's research shows that within the last 30 years’ mass murders have resulted in a consistent average of 100 people being killed a year.

“In today's lifestyle, it is the instant media notification that has made us to believe that the number of mass shootings have risen.”

Psychological experts use specific criteria in order to properly diagnose psychopathy. People exhibiting psychopathic behavior typically show no remorse and empathy and will have the tendency to be showy and charming. Other attributes include being manipulative and conning others while taking no responsibility resulting from their own actions. With their charming ways the psychopathic traits are typically not revealed until they are well embroiled in a relationship with someone.

Psychopaths can have a history of violence, substance abuse and criminal activity resulting from their consistent psychotic behavior. Almost psychopaths are people who have similar behavioral traits that are not constant. This places them into a functioning world between the so called normal beings and the true psychopaths.

“Research and classification needs to be continued in order to help with healing the psychopaths, almost psychopaths, and those affected by the psychopathic behavior. Only one percent of the population are true psychopaths while five to ten percent are almost psychopaths” continuing Silver explains, “Almost psychopaths come off as charming as they are very good at lying and manipulating. An almost psychopath will show no empathy or remorse and instead will put the blame on others.”

James Silver, JD, along with Ron Schouten, MD, JD, wrote their book Almost a Psychopath as an answer to the question, “Do I (or Does Someone I Know) Have a Problem with Manipulation and Lack of Empathy”? As Silver explains, “It is a self-help book to help you identify if you are an almost psychopath and, if so, guide you to interventions and resources to change your behavior."

There are many almost psychopaths among us, whether with a spouse, boss, or client, the book also helps those who are in relationships with almost psychopaths to learn how to function with the psychopathic behavior. Research and classification needs to be continued in order to help with healing the psychopaths, almost psychopaths, and those affected by the psychopathic behavior.

Unfortunately, the ones with the psychopathic characteristics are the least likely to admit that they need help. These are people who feel that they are always right and above everyone else on the totem pole of life. Often when almost psychopaths do go for help it is to please others. They manipulate the doctors and therapists by giving them what they are asking for. These are very smart, conniving individuals who thrive on outwitting others.

It has been found through research that the brains of a psychopath are different in the way that they process emotion. Money, power and fame are the aphrodisiacs that keep the almost psychopath fueled. The psychopathic mind seems to drive many towards lifestyles that allow them to lord it over others.

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