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Being Expressive, Being Yourself

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Yesterday, I received a letter from my father all the way from my country, which is like a thousand miles away. Yes! A letter! I am not talking about an email or all the junks that you receive in your mail. It was an actual hand written letter! I can't even remember the last time I wrote a letter to any of my friends or family. The best part, it was enveloped with beautiful pearls of wisdom, showered with precious prayers, wrapped with love on a piece of paper and the weight of its advise was more valuable than a mountain full of gold. This, cannot be done via text or email.

I really didn't know the joy of receiving a hand written letter until yesterday. We have succumbed to the complicated modes of communication because life has become really easy for us. We opt for effortless and simple things in our life rather than going for something that holds more value. Another thing that is being affected by these "so called" convenient gadgets and apps is our relationship, which we have been taking for granted. We do sit together but it's almost the same as talking to a wall which cannot respond to your queries, understand your emotions and contemplate on your thoughts. We do not realize it until we mediate for a certain period.

There are times when we need to have a personal, one-on-one interaction with people who are important to us. It is really disrespectful when you're having a conversation but the person is engrossed with his phone. It can wait. Whatever it is, it can wait. They should know that you are having a quality time with someone who wants to heard, because he is relying on you for his decisions. Let them know that you would get back when you are free. Technology has taken over our lives without us realizing it. It is true, that you only realize the worth of something when it's no more. You wouldn't comprehend its true meaning unless you lose it. We even have remorse regret when we squander our time and money. Then how can we not pay attention to things that are so close to our heart.

Be the friend who is available during hard times and good times, be the parent who is willing to leave his work to fathom the solicitation that their child desires, be the son who is there for his parents during their old age, be the daughter who is dutiful to her parents because of the warmth she's received from them in every walk of life, be the sister who is there to give valuable advice and a shoulder to cry on during adversity, be the brother who is going to stand up and fight for his baby brother. Be You! Let your emotions get the best of you when it comes to expressing your feelings. Don't hold grudges and forgive, even if they don't deserve it. A silent prayer from the heart is far better than expressing your anger. A little note filled with appreciation and tenderness is better than words that will crush others heart. It does not hurt to be a human being with sentiments. It doesn't hurt at all.

I want to leave with a beautiful saying which goes like this,

"Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence".