Being Frugal Is In Vogue - The Cheap Song By Al Lorden

I'm cheap. I'm like Clark Howard. When I get money hey I feel empowered. - Al Lorden (The Cheap Song)

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This weekly song review I've started doesn't exactly do for a songwriter what Oprah's book club does for an author but let's continue to build it. If you like this idea and/or the song, spread the word. More and more, this is how artists and songs make it. Attention is the new currency for recorded music (and so much more).

The song I'm reviewing this week is called The Cheap Song, written and partially performed by Al Lorden. It's a Country tune and resonates with the current economic crisis although it was written during the boom when stingy people stood out. Now being frugal is in vogue.

This recording is performed as a duet and the voice that starts off the song is that of Johnny Orr who is a very talented vocalist, writer and musician in his own right.

I don't think this song should be recorded as a duet but that's really the only dissent I have. Otherwise it's very well recorded. It's also an example of exceptional song writing. It's a standard ditty that has you singing along by the end of the second time through the chorus. The song's got a standard structure and is just kind of fun; nothing complicated or complex about it. It's got a catchy tune and some good lyrics.

In the third verse Al writes about how he clips coupons and looks for the sale and by the time the store adds up his discounts they wind up paying him. It reminds me of the recent CNN piece about the "Coupon Queen" who whittled down a $152 grocery bill to roughly $9. That's worth taking a look at too.

Here's the song. Enjoy!