Being In A Relationship Versus Being Newly Single, In 5 Comics

Pretty spot on.

Sure, single life has its perks -- but adjusting to being on your own again isn't always easy.

The College Humor illustrations below perfectly capture the awkward, complicated experience of being newly single. Written by Shea Strauss and illustrated by J.C. Le, the comics compare life in a relationship to life when you're freshly out of one.

For starters, after a breakup, you have a weird, new connection to your ex's old stuff:

And the person your ex used to talk about becomes a whole lot less innocent:

You don't always look back fondly on your memories as a couple:

For better or worse, you can do whatever you want with your weekends:

But on the plus side, hot people at the bar are no longer off-limits!

To see more of the compare-and-contrast comics, head to College Humor.

Comics That Totally Nail Life As A Single Person