Being Presidential 2016 -- 6 Attributes And 4 Traits

You know when someone is being Presidential most when they're not

6 Attributes of TCRALI Leaders -- what they cause us to feel that we attribute to them

  1. Trust = we trust him or her to do what they say they'll do, to not unnecessarily hurt or unfairly take advantage of others
  2. Confidence = we feel confidence in them because they have a track record of making good judgment calls and decisions, getting things done and that they can and will get things done when in office
  3. Respect = we respect them for their integrity and standing up for a noble mission that serves America and for standing up against greedy, devious, selfish or self-serving people that attempt to detract, distract or derail the organization from fulfilling that mission
  4. Admiration = we admire them for how they stand for, stand up for and stand up against anything or anyone that would detract from, distract from or derail that mission (they are unflappable, present, quietly formidable and demonstrate poise under pressure)
  5. Likability = we like them for being enjoyable and enjoying of others, for having a sense of humor and not taking themselves too seriously
  6. Inspiring = we are inspired by them because of having all of the prior attributes and because they both motivate and pump us up and inspire and lift us up

If you disagree with the above, how much would you want to follow a president who triggers distrust instead of trust, doubt instead of confidence, disappointment instead of respect, embarrassment instead of admiration and discouragement instead of inspiration?

To quote Maya Angelou, "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel," especially when you offend, insult, degrade or humiliate them.

4 Traits of TCRALI Leaders -- what we see

  1. Unflappable = they are mission centric vs. having personal ego invested in winning or losing. That mission has to serve the people they represent. In the case of the U.S. president, that mission means serving the economic, health and well being and security needs of the common good rather than the "privileged" few. By not ever taking anything personally they never need to act defensively, sullen or reactive in any way.
  2. Present = they communicate heartfelt understanding and compassionate towards the fear, hurt, insecurity and anger of the American people so that people feel cared about, but they remain steadfast in accomplishing the main mission.
  3. Knowledgable = they know what they're talking about vs. giving pat answers that lack conviction or credibility.
  4. Wise = they know what's important and worth fighting for and what's less important and not worth fighting for. And their judgment calls and decisions are guided by that wisdom.

As stated regarding TCRALI leadership, if we don't think these behaviors are important, consider what they do to your trust, confidence, respect, admiration, liking and feeling inspired when you see someone being thin skinned instead of unflappable, shut down or attacking instead of being present, full of b.s. instead of knowledgable or foolish/clueless instead of being wise.

If you agree with the above characterization, please weigh in with your comments regarding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.