Being Single, Breakups, and Why It's Okay

The symptoms of being single include but are not limited to:

- Being a third wheel and when you're not a participating third wheel having your friends wanting to invite their significant other EVERYWHERE.

- Listening to friends constantly talk about their relationships.

- Watching couples do couple-like things in public.
- Having friends ask "Why you're still single?"

- Hearing about your friends getting married and/or pregnant.

But on the bright side YOU ARE single which means they "suffer" from things that you don't.

- Only thinking and worrying about yourself.

- You have no major commitments. This means you can do anything without having to consider your partner's feelings / opinions.

- You probably have many weddings and baby showers to go to! #TurnUp #NoStress

It's easy to think after many "failed" relationships that there is something wrong with you but there isn't! Your ego will constantly make you doubt yourself time and time again to a point where you question your ability to love and to trust anyone. It will try to make you feel like you're not worthy of love and make you look at cats differently because you're "A future cat lady (person) in the making." You are more than just having a relationship. You ARE loveable, you just haven't met anyone who you are willing to stick around with or vice versa and that's OK too.

I use to think after a breakup that finding someone new was the best way to get over your ex but I was wrong. It's important to really FEEL your feelings without judgement but not to dwell in your emotions. Don't try to convince yourself that you shouldn't be crying when you feel like you should, take a moment, release and let it go. It's important not to move on to someone else without resolving your own issues first and before you know it you will move on. Continue life, work on loving yourself MORE and MORE each day and you will be okay. We are all works in progress and we continue to progress every single day.

Break ups aren't a bad thing either! You met the person that you needed to meet in that moment who you really enjoyed (for the most part) and who made you feel absolutely everything. Regardless of how it turned out and what you put up with, you learned something. Even if it was something small it was a lesson learned. This will help you down the line to avoid the same mistakes while helping shape what you will and will not put up with. This doesn't mean that going through a breakup won't hurt you and maybe it won't but try to think of breakups as a blessing.

Eventually you will meet someone who is amazing and who sees your true self and loves you as you are, whether it is only for the moment or for a lifetime enjoy it! Drew Barrymore once said while promoting her book, "Wildflower" at #AolBUILD.

"Being single is the greatest thing in the world and nobody tells you that, because one day you will meet somebody, and you will have children and that will be it. And this incredible time in your life that you thought was like a disease, you had to get rid of, and that'll only be cured by another person is actually the thing that will make you the best in that relationship in the future, cause you will finally get to really know YOURSELF. "