New Trailer Shows How Fresh Prince Reboot Got Twisted Upside Down

No one's doing the "Carlton Dance" to Tom Jones in this dramatic version of the '90s sitcom.

And, judging by a new trailer for the dramatic series “Bel-Air,” debuting Feb. 13 on the Peacock streaming service, things get very serious.

The trailer, released Monday, shows Will, played by series star Jabari Banks, reflecting on his new life of luxury while remembering the very dark circumstances that led to his leaving West Philadelphia for Bel-Air, California.

“I hope one day we can talk why you’re really here,” Will’s cousin, Carlton, says ominously.

The new trailer shows Will going from firing a gun on a Philly basketball court to attempting to play lacrosse in California.

“What the hell is my life,” he wonders at one point.

The first three episodes of “Bel-Air” ― which is executive produced by Will Smith ― will drop Feb. 13 on Peacock, right after the streaming service hosts the Super Bowl. New episodes will follow weekly.

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