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Belgian Hotel CasAnus Lets You Spend The Night In A Human Colon (PHOTO)


What a dump.

Hotel CasAnus has all the elements of a great weekend getaway. It's just shaped like a giant human colon.

On a small island, nestled between Antwerp and Ghent in Flanders, Belgium, this quaint structure is designed like a humongous intestinal tract, complete with an anus replica.

Originally an art sculpture created by the Dutch designer Joep Van Lieshout, CasAnus is now a part of the Verbeke Foundation art park, one of Western Europe’s edgiest art venues.

For a recession-proof price of €120 ($150), the hotel includes heating, double beds and showers, according to

CasAnus is run by Belgian art collectors, Geert and Carla Verbeke-Lens, who purchased the anatomical masterpiece to add to their 30-acre Verbeke Foundation sculpture park.

It’s become one of western Europe’s edgiest art destinations. More than 20,000 tourists visit the Verbeke Foundation each year, often opting to spend the night inside the colon and revel in the positive experience.

“I asked how people take to the experience – apparently it is universally positive. If the novelty of staying in a giant polyester intestine wears off then there’s always the thrill of spending the night quite alone in an artwork,” Tom Hall described his experience.

When visitors first arrive they are invited to stroll around the grounds flittered with a collage of international artists’ works. The onsite bar-cum-café offers patrons a chance to mingle with resident artists and unearth what to expect their first night sleeping inside the colon.

“It is utterly silent and pitch black at night, so bring a torch if you want to creep around at night. It is as normal as sleeping in a slug-like space can be,” travel blogger Tom Hall wrote on Lonely Planet.

According to Verbeke-Lens, the venue owner who lives onsite, “guests are really happy to sleep undisturbed in a place surrounded by nature. They can see black swans and frogs and discover the stars in the night sky, as well as visiting all our different exhibitions. More and more travelers are coming to us from all over the world to explore what they call a ‘unique place’.”

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Spend The Night In A Human Colon

Spend The Night In A Human Colon

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