Belgium's Chocolate Stamps Smell And Taste Like Confection

With technological advances what they are, traditional postal mail may soon be a thing of the past -- in the U.S., the national postal service just decided to cut Saturday delivery -- but the Belgian post office is hoping to stay the trend with a new set of stamps that smell and taste like chocolate.

More than 500,000 stamps are being printed on special paper with a cocoa-scented varnish and glue that tastes like chocolate when licked. About 40 percent of the varnish is made with a cocoa product. The stamps come in five limited editions, showcasing images of chocolate in various forms: sprinkles, chocolate, nutella, rough pieces and chocolate bars.

A team of fragrance and taste experts worked to develop the product, researching things like scratch and sniff technology. The BBC has a video explaining how the stamps are made, how they came to be and what regular people think of them.

Our favorite man-on-the-street response, when asked if this might change his mail habits: "No, [I'll] just keep sending through email."

The stamps are expected to go on sale March 25.



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