Zebras Make A Break For It In Belgium; Arizona Llamas Unimpressed

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Move over, llamas. There's a new animal escape artist in town.

Three zebras made a dash around the Belgian capital of Brussels for about half an hour on Friday after escaping from a ranch. Seven animals reportedly escaped, but four of them were caught immediately.

After making a break for it from the ranch in Vilvoorde, on the outskirts of Brussels, they made their way toward the city center, where they strolled along a canal and were chased by five police cars.

The three were eventually cornered and sedated by police and veterinarians and returned to their ranch, according to The Independent.

"Normally, they are quiet," Marc Luyckx, a neighbor of the ranch, told VTM Nieuws. But some of them became nervous when several zebras were moved from their area. He said it could've ended much worse, according to a translation.

No human bystanders were harmed in the incident.

Below, another view of the zebras' adventure:

The llamas from February's chase in Arizona could not be reached for comment, but they were reportedly unimpressed.

Note: Not the actual llama from the Arizona chase.



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