Bella Hadid Just Gave Herself Some New Quarantine Bangs. See For Yourself.

The supermodel gave herself a fringe while in lockdown.

Aside from eating a burrito topless and trying to learn TikTok, there are not many things about Bella Hadid’s coronavirus self-isolation experience that look like our own.

For example, her version includes horseback riding, sunbathing and successfully giving herself these fringed bangs over the weekend.

Hadid revealed the new ’do in an Instagram Story, a big change from the tousled bob she posted just a few days prior.

It prompted many followers to have this initial thought:

Sure, bang trims are generally lower risk than giving yourself a more complex haircut ― but that’s if you already had bangs. Hadid gave herself completely new bangs. A risky move, to be sure.

It is just hair, though. Perhaps that’s why her friend Leah McCarthy let Hadid give her a fringe, too. Bangs for all.

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