Bella Thorne Ends A Prank-Filled Day By Reenacting That Iconic Scene From 'Titanic'

Seeing Bella Thorne on TV and in movies is normal. Seeing her behind a counter in an apron? Not so much.

In a video from Teen Vogue, the actress pulls some pranks at The Grove in Los Angeles by trying out some different jobs.

Working at the doll hair salon at American Girl Place, she trades name tags with another girl behind the counter and tries to persuade fans she’s not “the Disney person,” as one woman called her. After a little girl asks if her doll could get her ears pierced, Bella dishes out some advice that is pretty much every mother’s nightmare.

“You can always heat up a needle on a fire and then pierce them,” she said in the video.

Later, Bella takes on crying kids as she works as one of Santa Claus' helpers and takes some selfies with jolly old St. Nick before testing her skills at Sprinkles Cupcakes. That’s where the tables turn.

After a day of pranking people, Bella gets fooled by a Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike. Well, almost.

“You didn’t get me, people, okay?” she said after he tries to convince her he’s the real Leo. “I know exactly what Leonardo DiCaprio looks like. I’ve studied him.”

Luckily, the two patched things up with an adorable reenactment of the classic bow scene from “Titanic.”

We’ll never let go, Bella -– especially of that hilarious time you told a little girl she could pierce her ears with a needle.

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