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Belly Bump Probs, or My Pregnancy in Photos

Week 22: So, I guess this is the point where black is no longer slimming. Week 23: More gas than Exxon.
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Pregnancy is a glorious, beautiful, wonderful time... for some women. For other women, myself included, it's a little less magical. I wish I was one of those glowing, perfect pregnant women whose only cravings are for fresh fruit and sparkling water. But, alas, I am not. I'm more of the sweaty, nothing fits, "Are you gonna eat the rest of that?" type of pregnant lady. So, instead of the traditional weekly pregnancy belly pics, I decided to chronicle this pregnancy with a little something I like to call Belly Bump Probs.

Week 14


Week 15


Week 16


Week 17


Week 18


Week 19


Week 20


Week 21


Week 22


Week 23


Week 24


I can't be the only one who feels like this, right?? Pregnancy isn't always pretty and that's okay! Share your Belly Bump Probs to the Crazy Mama Drama Facebook Page or to Instagram by tagging @crazymamadrama with the hashtag #bellybumpprobs.

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