Belmont Abbey College Puts Maternity Center On Campus

A Catholic college in North Carolina is putting a maternity center on its campus to provide housing for pregnant college students.

Belmont Abbey College is apparently the first college in the country to host such an initiative on its campus.

The program reflects the schools' commitment to pro-life principles.

"It's putting your money where your mouth is," Belmont Abbey College President Bill Thierfelder told the Charlotte-Observer. "You're not just talking philosophy anymore. This is something real."

The Observer has more:

Women who stay at the home up to two years for free don't have to be Catholic or students at Belmont Abbey. They can commute to colleges or universities in the greater Charlotte area or take transferable credits at the Abbey. As they complete their educations, they'll also learn to be good parents. Room, board and meals will be provided at the home.

The center will be run by Room At The Inn, a local Catholic non-profit.