Vet Clinic Pays Tribute To Late Pup In Sweetest Way

So personal. So poignant.

This beautiful card left a big mark on dog owners dealing with a pooch's death. 

Reddit user Bradley Hunn of Kansas City, Missouri, recently shared a photo of a card his fiancee, Emily Johnson, received after her dog, Hershey, died. The card, from the veterinary clinic's office, featured the beloved Shih Tzu's paw print. 

The endearing card moved many pet lovers on the social media site, where it racked up over 5,000 upvotes.

Hunn told The Huffington Post that the card was especially meaningful as Johnson had attempted to get Hershey's paw print several times in the past. In fact, Johnson had always wanted to get the print tattooed on her. 

"She had tried to get it many times before, unsuccessfully. He was very squirmy," he said. 

The beloved Hershey. 
The beloved Hershey. 

So Johnson truly appreciated the card and found it to be a "very kind, and thoughtful gesture" when she received it. 

It might've been a simple memorial, but the card is a sweet way to honor a pup who Hunn says was full of personality. 

"He was a weirdo. (In a good way)," he said. "He liked to sleep all day and you could hear his snoring from a mile away. He was very personable." 



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